Visual merchandising

Visual merchandising is often customers' first impression of your brand. We'll work together to create an engaging strategy based on your goals, budget, and timeline.

Nespresso promotags, brochures, vouchers, signs

Stand out from the crowd

Visual merchandising is not just about getting people to buy what you're selling; it's also about creating an experience that will leave customers wanting more.

Let's make your products to stand out from the crowd! We'll create displays that grab attention, draw people into the store, and entice them into making purchases.


WaveCrest's Retail Marketing Division Director Jens is happy to help you to map out your promoter needs and create ideas for impressive encounters for your brand. You can book a free consultation from the calendar below.



visual merchandising is an important part of retail marketing strategy

Whether it's a new store, an expansion or an annual update, we have the tools to help you achieve your visual merchandising objectives.

We offer a full range of services for both retail and food service, including floor plan development, fixture design and development, in-store product display, POP graphics and POS integration.

Our team of designers will expertly guide you through the process of creating a visual merchandising strategy that matches your vision and fits within your budget.

  • Though our extensive experience, we know what works in-store
  • We are flexible and innovative with our solutions
  • We engage customers through interactivity and effective communication