We Inspire Shoppers

At WaveCrest, we're fuelled by a burning passion to revolutionise retail commerce for the better. We amplify brands, making them impossible to ignore.

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We Are Stronger Together

WaveCrest's journey began in Scandinavia, a region known for its happy societies and vibrant culture. Today, we proudly extend our reach across this dynamic area, with sights set on further expansion.  

In addition to our Scandinavian roots, we've established a pivotal presence in Romania, a thriving market in Eastern Europe. Here, we've harnessed cost-effective, high-quality resources, marking Romania as a crucial hub for our operations.  

We Inspire to Play, Create, and Amplify

We understand that commerce is more than just transactions; it's about forging meaningful connections and delivering seamless, channel-agnostic experiences that benefit consumers, brands, and retailers alike.  

We provide a unique blend of data-driven insights and creative solutions to transform brands. Our approach seamlessly bridges the online and offline retail worlds, addressing every aspect of a brand's journey. We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer agile, client-centric operations. 

Our data-driven approach ensures that every aspect of your retail experience is optimised for success, from product knowledge to visual merchandising. Our goal is to help you make data-informed decisions that result in outstanding retail performance. We combine our knowledge into integrated solutions, but our deliverables derive from experts working in 4 unique business divisions. This is what we do.  

Brand, Design and Content Services

Crafting business and marketing strategies, meticulously planning, developing, and managing every aspect of branded content, whether it's for print, in-store, or online platforms. 

Retail Marketing Services

Influencing, building, and enriching retail strategies – skilfully inspiring store staff and end-customers. Captivating visual merchandising both in physical stores and online platforms. 

Digital Marketing Services

Maximising revenue for brands by implementing effective eCommerce strategies. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like HubSpot and other Martech solutions.

Experiential and Event Services

Delivering impactful brand activation events, hybrid and virtual events that leave a lasting impression. Leveraging the power of technology and data, ensures that the audience remains connected and engaged.

WaveCrest team Helsinki 2

The WaveCresters

Our mission is to be the most valuable business partner for our clients by blending insights and creativity. People are everything to us and we believe that as valuable as we are as individuals, we are exponentially more valuable when aligned and working together. 

We have a 360 approach to marketing and hence a diverse group of people with a wide range of expertise. We employ talent from business directors to graphic designers, growth hackers to project coordinators.   

Even though we operate in multiple countries, we are one team, sharing one vision. We are dedicated to amplifying our clients’ brand message, both internally and to their target audience.