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Think of us as the conductors of your brand's orchestra, transforming your voice into a powerful tune that resonates with the world. We're here to ensure your brand's message is the one that rises above the rest, leaving an unforgettable melody in the hearts of your audience. 



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“We have worked with WaveCrest and their retail platform SaleMate since September 2019 and now we are in control of our channel landscape. Our in-store compliance has gone significantly up, and we now clearly see the value of having a field sales team. It’s great to see our go-to-market plans are being followed in detail. We simply do more of the important stuff – planning and follow-up has become easier, and our reaction time has significantly gone down. We have the whole marketplace, all our products, our in-store installations, the team and all their activities in one platform – and it all interacts seamless and smoothly.”

Harman Lifestyle Division EMEA, Head of Marketing, Nordics & Netherlands, Cristina Cecilia Mostert


“During our collaboration, WaveCrest has consistently met all contractual obligations, including brand content, brand promotion, and visual merchandising, under favourable conditions and  within the specified deadlines. WaveCrest has demonstrated itself as a trustworthy and dependable partner, providing top-quality services. Given their outstanding competence and professionalism throughout our partnership, we wholeheartedly endorse WaveCrests’s services to any organization seeking a reliable collaborator. We recognize WaveCrests’s exceptional performance and highly recommend them as a dedicated partner for promotional endeavors”.  

Nestle, Business Execution Manager, Cristian Doxan 


 "A noteworthy aspect is that throughout our collaboration, WaveCrest has consistently met its contractual obligations and maintained strict adherence to the agreed-upon deadlines for the provision of contracted services WaveCrest has demonstrated exceptional competence and professionalism as a partner. Consequently, we wholeheartedly endorse the services of WaveCrest, a reliable and dedicated partner in promotional, advertising, and merchandising projects.’’  

PEPSICO, Trade Marketing Manager for Beverages, Adriana Cosma


’’Our contractual relationship with WaveCrest is exceptional, a true partnership in every sense of the word, built over time through the continuous involvement of project managers. Together with WaveCrest, we have laid the foundation for a beautiful team, which we have developed year by year, covering the most important national locations and ensuring a high standard of excellence for both those who choose our products daily in physical stores and our partners. We would like to mention that throughout our collaboration, WaveCrest has fulfilled all the services included in the contract (brand and sales consulting) in very good conditions and within the established deadlines, and whenever we needed additional developments or changes in reporting, they have supported us. Based on their competence and professionalism demonstrated throughout our collaboration, we unreservedly recommend the services of WaveCrest, a true partner in promotional and merchandising projects”.

Philips, Customer Marketing Lead, Trade Shopper Channel Manager, Sabin Minea 


’It is with great pleasure that we recommend our esteemed partner, WaveCrest. Over the course of our nearly seven-year collaboration, we have never been disappointed by their unwavering commitment to excellence. The partnership between Unilever South Central Europe and WaveCrest has consistently proven successful, as their support enabled us to execute one of our most complex projects. Throughout our partnership, WaveCrest team has demonstrated a remarkable level of support, flexibility, and positivity. They have consistently prioritized fi nding the most suitable solutions to accommodate our needs, even when faced with our most demanding expectations. As a result, WaveCrest has established itself as a reliable partner, consistently demonstrating a steadfast commitment to honouring the intricacies of each project. They have consistently met deadlines, ensuring that all projects are completed in a timely manner. Given our extensive and positive working experience with WaveCrest, we wholeheartedly recommend them as trustworthy business partner.

Unilever, Procurement Officer Marketing Materials & Services, Monica Iacob 

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