HP’s Virtual Promoter Multiplies E-Commerce Conversion

HP’s Virtual Promoter Multiplies E-Commerce Conversion

When covid hit, many companies were left wondering how to move the traditional in-store promotion online. Technology company HP was already one step ahead. Their virtual promoters serve online shoppers through a microphone and webcam - right from the shop. The "Live expert" service provides the online shopper with the same certainty about their product choice as when doing business in-store. 

The virtual promoter was a thing already in the old normal 

Already before covid, in the beginning of 2020, HP used virtual promoters in Norway and the UK and found the services highly functional. Video promoter operations were expanded to other Nordic countries, and virtual promotions in Finland were launched in mid-April 2020 by WaveCrest. For the next year, one WaveCrest HP promoter at a time worked the virtual promoter shift every day during the store's opening hours. Since then, the service has been handed over to HP.  

In Finland, the service is available in the Gigantti online store when consumers browse HP products. That’s when the virtual promoter appears on the screen and asks how they can help. In the service, the customer sees the virtual promoter and hears their voice, while the customer only shares their voice. The promoter is also able to place the preferred items to the customer's Shopping Cart. The service primarily provides assistance in choosing the right product. 

The video promoter allows the customer to see the products on display in the store, ask about other possible brand issues or services available, or even solve a technical problem while shopping for a new product. 

HP promoters are appreciated also virtually 

The WaveCrest team was made up of a dedicated shop assistant and other experienced and well-trained HP promoters who are already familiar with the products. They received both sales and product training, as well as training in the use of the software and service. They were also instructed in HP's tone of voice to respond to customers. 

Based on user surveys, the service is appreciated, and thanks to the know-how and service-mindedness of the staff, an excellent feedback average has also been obtained for the quality of the service. The video promoter has a tremendous impact on ecommerce conversion. Ecommerce sites can track conversions, and therefore ROI, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The virtual promoter does not displace other promoter activities but supports them, creating added value. 

Summary of virtual promotion results:

  • Ecommerce conversion has increased significantly during the measurement period. 
  • Monitoring the quality of the service, an excellent Score Average has been obtained. 
  • Based on user surveys, the service is appreciated and genuinely creates added value thanks to the know-how and service-mindedness of the staff. 
  • The HP Virtual Promoter is available on the Gigantti HP website during store hours. 

WaveCrest can help produce a video promoter service and deliver the right people to help grow sales. Alongside the launch of the video promoter service, a marketing campaign is needed to get users accustomed to the readily available personal service, experiment and fall in love with it.