Developing creative concepts

Need new ideas to support your marketing strategy or business?


The marketing concept sets goals for the brand’s marketing and creates a clear plan. The traditional concept typically includes channels and content, campaign packages, a visual look, and selected technical solutions that start to communicate the brand’s customer promise and top messages to the desired target groups in an interesting and productive way.

The starting point for planning is to know the target groups you want to make an impact on. Most often, the target group is learned on the basis of the collected and analyzed data. Although target group thinking has experienced a revolution in recent times, clear buyer profiles can still be found and identified for most customers.

The design of the concept is a continuous interactive job between the customer and the marketing office. Even the finished concept can be improved and sharpened based on the experience and information gathered. The marketing concept is especially good when it allows for continuous improvement in stages. Often, the concept should be tested or piloted with a commercially significant sample.

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Unleash the creativity

Creativity comes into play as we begin to shape the marketing concepts typical of your business by breaking boundaries. We’ve been creating marketing concepts in almost every industry and brainstorming the wildest ideas possible, so with a very high probability we’ll be able to offer something new to your business as well.

Thanks to our long experience, we identify potential opportunities for success and know how to dodge the pitfalls visible on the horizon.