Campaign creation and production

From goals to ideas, from ideas to implementations, from implementations to measurable results. A marketing campaign speaks, influences and delivers results.

A successful marketing campaign requires careful planning and creative solutions

The most common challenges in creating a campaign are goal setting, channel selection and targeting, and creating the right kind of campaign content. A practical campaign model relies on a specific business, sales, or marketing challenge that can be described and defined. Campaign planning emphasizes the setting of a concrete goal, the best channel choices, a sensible budget and the criticality of scheduling.


The planning of a marketing campaign starts from the goal

Campaign planning starts with a goal that can be tracked with concrete metrics. The goals of the campaign can be, for example, to increase the number of visitors to the website, to increase the number of conversions, or to increase the number of actions on some channels. Instead, "adding brand buzz" is not a concrete enough goal for a marketing campaign, but a way must be found to concretize it into a form that can be measured as buzz.

Campaign in the right channels

Numerous different marketing channels are suitable for a wide range of activities and their choice is influenced by the target group definitions, the usage habits of the channel and the price. Channel timing may also affect channel choices, as it’s a whole different matter to launch a nationwide promotional tour than a tactical Facebook advertising campaign – one takes days to design and the other usually takes weeks.

Sometimes a campaign can be kicked off in response to a media debate floating on the surface, in which case rapid response is emphasized in the implementation of the campaign. For example, surrounded by a crisis or media turmoil, you need to be able to choose the channels that have the greatest potential to succeed.

The natural channel choice for a tactical e-commerce campaign is the digital environment, in addition to which sales promotions or product demos can potentially be implemented. It is worth choosing LinkedIn and the display advertising places on workplace pages as the channels for the workplace campaign in Finland. An e-mail campaign can be designed for existing customers, mailing prospectuses or partners. Once you find a working campaign template, you can optimize and improve your work in the desired direction.


The right kind of content in the right place

Already in the planning phase of the campaign, the content needs of the campaign and their production must be taken into account. The quality requirements for campaign content are very different for, for example, a nationwide TV spot and a social media short clip. Today, content must be of high quality if a marketing campaigns is to meet their goals.