Website design and implementation

Usable, discoverable and business-oriented website is the digital foundation of your business.


At WaveCrest We specialize in creating websites that prioritize both SEO and CX. As a gold partner with HubSpot, we utilise their platform to enhance the CX capabilities and website effectiveness.

Our technical competencies include website development, data/content migration, back-end development, headless commerce implementation and systems integrations.

Our Analytics & Insights Team supports brands with advanced tracking and data analysis within Google Analytics, and manage ongoing data analysis producing custom reports, providing consultation and strategy development.


Website refresh project is not a one-time purchase

Website redesign is often a long and varied process, starting with design and workshops, and by no means ending with the date of publication. Following the launch of the revamped website, we will develop the website based on visitor data and user feedback as efficient and clear sprints with an agreed service model.

We have more than a decade of experience in building diverse websites. We specialize in high-quality Wordpress and HubSpot sites that emphasize customer-friendly interface design, accessibility standards, and a brand-oriented look. We also do search engine optimization and copywriting according to the client's needs.


The biggest benefit of sprint website development is faster results. The first version of the site is usually completed within 14-21 days of the start of the project.

Because the site is being developed in smaller sections, the new functionalities are realistic and easier to define and implement. It is important to us that the renewed website takes into account all parties: end users, ie customers, website operators and search engines.

In sprint-type website development, possible problem situations can also be solved more flexibly. The development is based on genuine, verifiable user experience, and if the latest update causes problems, revoking it will not affect the operation of the rest of the site.



We update websites both hourly and as projects according to the customer's wishes. At its cheapest, the price of a one-page landing page starts at about a thousand euros, provided the image and text material provided by the customer. The cost of most website upgrades is between € 8,000 and € 20,000, depending on the content you want for the site, the need for a redesign and the responsibilities involved.

In the sprint development model, the first version of the pages can usually be published at a much lower cost than in the traditional model. After this, development will continue, for example, on a monthly basis. For many companies, splitting costs into a smaller start-up bill and then, for example, into a 12-month development period is a better option than a big one-off.