HubSpot Transformed Avara’s Customer Path and Marketing

HubSpot Transformed Avara’s Customer Path and Marketing

Avara is one of Finland's leading providers of rental housing and a residential real estate investment and asset management. The company is responsible for managing, developing and increasing the value of residential real estate assets worth EUR 1.3 billion. WaveCrest was Avara's long-term marketing partner in bringing Finnish tenants and Avara homes together between 2015-2022. 

HubSpot was used to develop Avara's customer path and marketing 

The objectives of introducing HubSpot were centered around improving the customer experience and facilitating the work of customer service: 

  • Concentration of marketing activities in one system 
  • More efficient marketing measurement and leasing pipeline tracking 
  • Improving the customer experience 
  • Increasing resident communication 
  • Facilitate the work of the customer service and rental team with modern tools 

To achieve these goals, WaveCrest introduced HubSpot as a comprehensive marketing tool. In addition to the initial implementation, continuous weekly collaboration, development and support were agreed upon. 

Deploying HubSpot 

At the beginning of the collaboration between Avara and WaveCrest, it was clear that marketing lacked a comprehensive tool that would enhance the implementation and measurement of marketing. The first projects of the collaboration included the redesign of Avara's website, which was also the launch of HubSpot as the new website was built with HubSpot's CMS tool. As website development moved to HubSpot, other HubSpot tools, such as the blog platform, forms, mailing lists, the newsletter tool, and social media publishing tools, were also utilised.  

The integration of HubSpot played a key role also when Avara launched the development of its own home search service, OmaAvara. The integration between OmaAvara and HubSpot enabled a seamless flow of information, from those who submitted a housing application to existing tenants, and thus to more targeted marketing to the target groups. WaveCrest was responsible for defining and implementing HubSpot integrations in the deployment project together with OmaAvara's development team. 

Customer service and tickets running in Hubspot 

The expansion of HubSpot continued as Avara internalised its customer service, creating a concrete need for a ticketing tool that supports the daily life of customer service. The joint HubSpot project of the customer service team started with an initial survey and a kickoff, which together defined the scope of implementation and the required functions. The extent of deployment was significantly affected by the functions deployed and the roles of users in the organisation. 

Customer service automations built with HubSpot and paths designed for ticketing allow tickets to be distributed into dozens of different pipelines. 

Next, WaveCrest carried out the necessary technical commissioning work and prepared the content of the deployment training. Avara's staff were trained in the use of new tools in joint workshops. Immediately during the kickoff, weekly HubSpot support and development meetings were scheduled to review the progress of the deployment, resolve challenges, and provide support and development suggestions. 

Continuous improvement enhances the use of HubSpot 

After the commissioning projects, the development was continued monthly for several years. The goal of the ongoing collaboration was to develop and streamline the use of HubSpot in the best possible way, introducing the latest HubSpot tools when needed.  

WaveCrest's role is to act as a HubSpot expert, bringing new development ideas and news about HubSpot's latest functionalities to development meetings. Making Avara's HubSpot has taken advantage of several of HubSpot's customisable functionalities, such as Custom Objects, which, in the case of Avara, has enabled integration and expansion of the flow of information between OmaAvara and HubSpot. 

A comprehensive marketing and customer service tool 

Today, HubSpot is a comprehensive tool for Avara, which is utilised in the everyday life of both marketing and customer service, at Avara and at WaveCrest. The introduction of HubSpot has enabled Avara to centralise information and communication with applicants and residents in one place, which has made life easier for everyone involved with customer service. HubSpot also plays a significant role in marketing as a marketing hub with all its functionality, from a website platform to social media publications and resident communications.