Sales force and headcount

Retail professionals who bring flexibility and efficiency to your operations. Partner with WaveCrest today and experience the benefits of our comprehensive Salesforce and headcount management solutions. Let us help you achieve success through a skilled and optimized workforce.


Our mission is to help organizations like yours optimize their salesforce and workforce, ensuring that you have dedicated, skilled professionals to meet your business objectives. Whether you need sales representatives, promoters, or comprehensive headcount management, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Dedicated Sales Representatives

Our part-time and full-time sales representatives handle sales and customer service for your organization, including selling products in-store, training in-store staff, and managing dealer relationships.

Our sales representatives have access to cutting-edge tools and software, allowing them to effectively plan and report store visits.

Brand Promoters

Our promoters ensure optimal product displays and visibility at points of sale, and can also present new products to store staff. If required, they can also manage additional orders for your brand.

Furthermore, they are adept at engaging with customers, fostering positive brand experiences, and driving sales growth.

Customized Work Supervision

We tailor work supervision and management for each sales representative based on individual client needs, ensuring seamless integration with your business. 

You can choose to hire a sales representative as a service or outsource your entire sales organization to our trained team, who are well-versed in various store environments.