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Our goal is the success of your company. It means different things depending on the company and the person you are talking with. For one it means generating website traffic, for another it means generating better lead quality & volumes, for a third it means up-selling to existing customers and for a fourth it means better customer experience. As your Google Partner, we will find your customers online. Around the corner and around the globe.

However, according to our experience, 90% of Google Ads & Analytics implementations are far away from reaching their full potential. Value is created only by utilizing technology in a right way. This is where we want to help you. Without the right insights backing your performance marketing, you are gambling in the casino of Google. Unknown quantities mean missed opportunities and wasted spend.

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Google Ads

As your Google Ads Partner, we will find your customers online. Around the corner and around the globe. We take care of finding the right keywords, engineering the best campaign structures and making ad copies that are loved by the algorithms and your customers.



Analytics integration & support

Better data means better decisions. We work with clients at every stage of the measurement lifecycle, from audit, strategy and configurations to empowering organisations with data-insights capable of powering smarter business decisions and driving ambitious growth.


Landing page development & design

With a full in house design and development team, we can guide you in the right direction and execute highly converting landing pages.

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Our service model

We're not just a Google vendor. With our proven service model, we get the right things done for you from day one, regardless of the tools. We set common goals and start implementing the most important things right away. You save time and can focus on business development.


At the beginning of the cooperation, we check or define the following things together:

  • Business goals, buyer personas & journeys
  • Create a high-quality keyword plan
  • Create a joint development list and plan of the first steps
  • Choose the necessary tools & advertising channels together


While you continue your own priorities, we have already started work. For example, we do the following things:

  •  We open the necessary accounts and install the tools and working analytics
  • We ideate, plan and produce the necessary content
  • We implement the most important development items immediately
  • The entire team is always available to you via a common communication channel

Continuous co-operation

We make the change permanent and easy for you. We produce results with marketing and develop agreed measures together.

  • We propose and decide together what to do next
  • We will do everything necessary for you
  • We regularly review the results and next steps to go forward



Google Ads is one of the most powerful platforms for paid advertising. Not only does it put a large breadth of advertising tools at your fingertips, it also gives you access to users of the world’s two largest search engines—Google and YouTube, respectively—and a network of millions of websites to advertise on.

But there are a lot of types of Google ads, and not every type is right for every scenario. Here we showcase the most common ones.

Platforms to succeed with:

Search Engine

More familiarly known as keyword advertising. 64.6 % of people click on a Google Ad when looking to buy product online. 67.6% clicks goes to five first results shown to the user.

Making data-driven decisions is the best practice to have successful Search campaigns. That's where we excel at.  


Display ads are visual-based ads you see while reading an article on your favourite blog, watching a video on youtube, or using a mobile app.

The best use cases for using Display advertising are re-targeting, supporting search campaigns & building brand awareness. 


It's often that people confuse Display ads with Discovery ads. The key difference is placement. Unlike Display ads which can be found on basically any website Discovery ads only can be seen at Gmail. Youtube & Google Discovery network. 

Best use cases for discovery Ads are re-marketing and content marketing. 


Reach the customers in more places online while they’re searching, browsing, or watching. YouTube connects you to the people who matter most to your business.

With the help of Youtube you're able to precisely reach target group and people when it is the most relevant to them. YouTube Ads uses Google data to match your message to the right people at the right moment.


Google Shopping allows consumers to search for, compare, and shop for physical products across different retailers who have paid to advertise their products. It shows up on top of the search results when you search for a product.

Almost every E-commerce with physical consumer products should be using Shopping ads. It is automatically connected to your merchant center and with correct campaign settings they are only shown when the roas is profitable. 

Performance Max

In the start of the year Google introduced a new campaign type which shows your ads automatically on Google’s different channels.

In a simple wording: You create a campaign type that is using all the campaign types mentioned before. Your Ads will be shown in different channels with a rotation that gets the most revenue. It does not replace your main campaigns but it is made for gaps in the low-hanging fruit section. 

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