Experiential solutions

Experiential marketing lets your brand connect with consumers' senses.


Sensory marketing that makes sense

Experiential marketing, also called experiential brand marketing, holistic/ sensory marketing or live marketing, is a way for brands to connect with consumers through experiences and the senses. Though these experiences are typically in person, they often have digital components, with the whole package designed to bring a brand to life in a big, meaningful way.

Marketing experiences can range from pop-up stores to virtual events to parties to interactive installations or full branded spaces. They range in scope from intimate events to celebrity or influencer partnerships. There is no limit—as long as the experience makes sense for the brand, supports its marketing goals, and delivers surprise and delight for customers.


Appeal to the senses and be unforgettable

At WaveCrest we have implemented different kinds of experiential solutions for a wide range of clients in all sectors from FMCG to electronics. Aligned with the clients’ marketing needs, this type of marketing can leave a lasting footprint in the consumer's mind.