HP’s Reinventing the Future Event Addresses Decision Makers

HP Finland is a long-standing client for WaveCrest. Among other things, we are an event partner, who has worked with HP for example on the Reinventing the Future events.



  • Event Design and Planning
  • Event Branding
  • Event Production
  • Event Personnel
  • Graphic design, 3D modelling
  • Video Production
  • Live Stream Production & Platform

Goals: Raising important topics

HP Finland Oy wants to strengthen its position as a thought leader in the technology field. To achieve this goal the HP Reinventing the Future event was created, and it premiered in 2019. Wavecrest Finland has supported these goals as an event partner since the event concept first was designed. In 2022 we had the opportunity to present the second Reinventing the Future event.

The starting point for event planning was WaveCrest’s Event Design model, which helps to design and concretise an efficient and productive event. The operating model considers both online and onsite event, their pre-marketing and post-marketing.

The cooperation with our customer has continued for more than 15 years, and we have also implemented numerous other roadshow concepts, sales events, and end-customer events for HP Finland. - Pekka Virmalainen, WaveCrest

The goal was to involve 150 C-level decision makers to a live event and let them see how HP, its partners and invited experts see the impact of technology on topics important to HP: security, sustainability and future technologies. This goal was expanded to include a virtual aspect and enable the attendance of a larger demographic and invitees who cannot make it to the venue.

What was done: Event design for a hybrid event

WaveCrest oversaw the event as an event partner, supporting HP’s own event production. Planning considered HP’s framework and guidelines as well the Reinventing the Future event concept.

The event design started in early 2020, with HP eager to create the next event with the great feedback from the 2019 event. Unfortunately, the plans had to be changed – first to a live stream approach and then finally to a hybrid event in 2022.

From previous events we were able to narrow down the invitation demographic to more specific IT and technology decision-makers and provide electronic assets from emailers, email banners to LinkedIn marketing materials. The onsite event was only for invited guests, while the online event was offered for a larger crowd.

Wavecrest provided the platform for event registration and communication, as well as the stream platform. Our in-house stream production team was supplemented with enforcements from our partners, as the live stream was done professionally with 5 cameras, including a moving camera in the audience.

At the onsite event in Helsinki, an impressive physical venue was constructed with the help of our local partners. It leveraged existing 360-degree screens in the 300m2 live event space. In addition to the stage and show elements, a demo booth area was designed and constructed where attendees could have meaningful discussions with HP category managers regarding relevant topics on a concrete level.

As the final execution was pushed back to spring 2022, we were able to analyse competing events and create a one-track compact event that would keep our audience both on-site and on stream engaged to the keynote speeches and our clients' messages.

Results: Making headlines

At the 2022 Reinventing the Future event, the topics included a Sustainability panel with Finland’s largest dairy producer Valio and insights into how future technologies impact the entertainment industry. HP's own futurist, Chief Disrupter and Global Head of Tech Ventures and Incubation Andrew Bolwell gave a keynote speech on "How future trends and technologies will reshape our business, lives, and societies."

The cherry on top was a keynote speech “How the threat landscape has changed since the Ukraine war - and how organisations can protect themselves” by Marcus Murray, Founder of Truesec Group. Mr. Murray’s keynote made headlines in national newspapers, bringing attention to the topics of conversation that HP wants to promote.

As an after-marketing effort, a recording was broadcast on the financial newspaper Kauppalehti’s site. The broadcast peaked at 10,000 live online spectators and got in total 70,000 views.