Strategic Brand Activation for Pepsi MAX x Bucharest Gaming Week

Pepsi MAX wanted to reach a younger audience and generate excitement for their brand at the Bucharest Gaming Week. 

Involving of prominent gaming influencers like Bercea, Oase_MC and Ovy resonated with the gaming community in line with Pepsi's consumer demographics to further amplify the brand's reach. 

WaveCrest developed an engaging brand activation plan that featured three different zones enhancing engagement: Gaming Zone, Relax Zone and Stage Zone. Each Zone served as a touchpoint aligning with the brand's energy and lifestyle focus.

  • The Gaming Zone created buzz around Pepsi MAX with free games and an influencer championship. 
  • The Relax Zone served as a social lounge for gamers.
  • The Stage Zone hosted lively events and giveaways.


Services from WaveCrest

WaveCrest provided a variety of services for the Pepsi MAX activation, including:

  • Event design
  • Creative design
  • Brand promoters
  • Event build
  • Social media
  • Data & analysis

Objectives and Key Results

Our objective was the execution of a brand activation that would increase Pepsi MAX's visibility and foster meaningful interaction at Bucharest Gaming Week.

We aimed to leverage multiple touchpoints and gaming influencers' credibility to ensure a comprehensive reach.




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