Promoters and Social Content Brought Attention to Lumon at The Housing Fair

Promoters and Social Content Brought Attention to Lumon at The Housing Fair

Balcony and terrace glazing expert Lumon participates in the Housing Fair (Asuntomessut) every year, and WaveCrest has supplied promoters for the previous Housing Fairs. At the Lohja Housing Fair in July - August 2021, the aim was to enhance the visitors' experience and Lumon's visibility not only by using promoters, but also by producing digital image and video content.

Lumon is an international group with Finnish roots, focused on the sale, manufacture and installation of balcony and terrace glazing. Lumon's products are domestic and manufactured in Kouvola, Finland. With easy-to-use, durable and stylish balcony and terrace glazing, Lumon makes better homes for its customers.

Services Produced

  • Promoters for the Lohja Housing Fair
  • Content production from the fair
  • Social media presentations of the fair team

Trained Promoters

WaveCrest provided two promoters for the Lumon stand. Their task was to present products, welcome visitors and collect leads, ensuring that visitors felt welcome and found the information they needed to learn about Lumon's services and product range. Promoters directed those interested in the products to Lumon's sales staff and collected leads electronically.

A training day was organised in advance for the promoters, which was also attended by the WaveCrest coordinator. The promoters were trained by Lumon on the balcony and terrace glazing systems and on Lumon's new product range. In addition, general training was given on working in the stand.

Captivating Content for Social Media

During the first days of the fair, WaveCrest shot high-quality, captivating content from the stand and products for Lumon's social media. The photos and videos were published by Lumon during the fair. The engaging content, shared with the right hashtags, was used to attract new visitors and maximise visibility at the show.

Welcoming Presentations of The Team

Short introductions of the team members were also filmed at the beginning of the fair. These introductions are aimed at lowering the threshold to come meet them and increasing the number of new customer contacts. The presentations were published in video and text form during the fair. At the same time, potential customers who were unable to visit the stand were directed to Lumon's products via the website.

Lumon Lohja 2021 2


The team handled the fair well and professionally. The good team spirit of the salespeople and promoters made it easy to work together, and this helped to achieve a commendable result, even under the difficult conditions of the pandemic and an unusually hot weather. 

During the fair, the promoters constantly observed and shared feedback on the atmosphere, comments and performance of the company's representatives. Shifts and work priorities were fine-tuned based on feedback on what worked best at the event and with the target audience. After the promotion, WaveCrest submitted a full report with photos summarising the project. 

The product training was considered important and the promoters found the material they received after the training useful. It enabled them to refresh their knowledge of the products before the fair, which was useful as the promoters were able to answer a number of questions from visitors about both glazing and curtains designed for glazing. 

The hot and humid weather had a negative impact on people's willingness to stop by. In particular, customers who came to the stand at the end of their tour of the fair were already exhausted by the heat. The prevailing covid situation had an impact on visitor numbers and, as a result, on the number of leads. The ambitious lead target was not reached, but the result was still slightly better than the 2020 Tuusula Housing Fair thanks to the hard work. Daily visitor numbers to the stand were between 2000-4000 people.

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