The Art & Science of In-Store and Event Production

The Art & Science of In-Store and Event Production


Lights, camera action, we are so familiar with those three words, we understand the behind the scenes at a TV studio or one of those amazing Hollywood blockbusters, but the same process and attention to the smallest detail apply to In-store & event experiences sometimes at your local supermarket. The event production and in-store planning are both science and art important as it allows the brands we work for to directly connect with the consumers in a face-to-face setting and, as in the movies, create "magic". Whether you are creating a Company Annual Party, an HR-Event, a Product launch Roadshow or a series of Brand activations in-store, your focus must be directed on creating immersive experiences so that your customers engagement with your brand is enhanced. At WaveCrest, that what we do we help you deliver just that; our creative teams develop engaging concepts that capture and enthral audiences, our production teams then turn those concepts into reality, and finally, we introduce the human touch, the brand ambassadors who become for a while your "living" brand. Some many moving parts that require so much expertise; that's why we exist and why we have become such a dependable and inspirational partner to many companies over the last 20 years. So, if you are looking for advice or guidance, we can help; we can't promise an Oscar, but it will be magical.


Unlocking Brand Loyalty: The Art of Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

Amazing In-store & event production will always bring your brand closer to your consumer, and if this experience is memorable true brand loyalists are born! So the challenge is building those great and memorable experiences; from our experience in running every conceivable type of event or in-store execution over the last 20 years, we constantly surge our clients to focus on quality over quantity. This means that instead of cramming as much content as possible into an event, it's better to focus on delivering high-quality content that resonates and motivates the audience … making them do something. It's so important to align with both agencies and production teams that understand your brand, what it stands for and how it should always be represented; that magic sauce comes from passion and expertise and mostly from long-term partnerships built on trust and innovation. That's what we at WaveCrest do, we have a proven methodology, and we've been creating extraordinary experiences for over 20 years, so trust us, as we know how to build world-class brand experiences.


Engagement: WaveCrest's Proven Strategies for Retail Success

Instore retail activation is very difficult today, not because of the execution of a campaign but because of the share of consumers engagement whilst they are shopping, so creating stand-out and engaging in-store activations is crucial to the success of any retail brand. So the challenge is cutting through the noise of everyday retail activity; at WaveCrest, we have created multiple campaigns over the last 20 years that focus on creating interactive experiences that allow consumers to participate in the brand story so they start to "live" the brand. Creating brand experiences can include product demonstrations, hosting interactive workshops or classes, or even providing personalized consultations; just handing out a piece of cheese honestly does not cut it anymore with the consumer. The retail environment is typically functional and sterile, not at all welcoming to a potential customer, so It's important in the planning process to create a welcoming and inviting environment that disrupts and encourages consumers to stay longer and explore your brand, but in today's world of consumer choice and channel selection, the brand experience has to start before the event ... well before the event, engage, excite and then deliver a memorable experience. For many years we have collected key data during events that allow us to know what works so we can help you tailor your messaging and content to better meet the needs and preferences of your audience, helping them resonate with your brand. So if you are looking for support and truly want to build a memorable experience, then that's what we at WaveCrest do, we have a proven methodology, and we've been creating extraordinary experiences for over 20 years, so trust us, as we know how to build world-class brand experiences.