Event marketing and productions

We produce successful events that support sales and customer acquisition.


We are event marketing professionals

Event marketing should focus on three stages: what happens before the event, during the event, and after the event. These steps will determine how many people come to your event, how successfully you market during the event, and how many conversions you get generated after the event.

As a 360 marketing agency, we are able to provide you with ALL communication, content and production services supporting the goals of the event. Not only do we carry out events, we help our clients plan, do and develop effective marketing.

Why should you organize an event with us

We have a total of over 100 years of experience in the event industry, so we know the key elements as well as the pitfalls of successful event productions. We always build the production team according to the customer's needs, utilizing our own marketing, network technology and graphic design experts. If needed, we are also able to rely on our extensive and reliable network to fulfill even the most special wishes.


We help you with every stage of event production

We have helped our clients work through the event plan and have been involved in making the plan already made feasible. We have created the visual and audio worlds of the events and acquired the right kind of equipment to carry out the event according to plan. We have designed the dramaturgy of the events and written the scripts for the events. We have also collected the results of the events and analyzed them for our customers.

However, we are preferably involved from the beginning to the end of the event project, because that way we will be able to offer our expertise at every stage of the project.


want to know more about event design?

If you want to take a peek into how events are designed, check out our event design guide book! 

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