Warner Bros. Booth Design & Activations at Comic Con

Warner Bros. Booth Design & Activations at Comic Con

Warner Bros. chose WaveCrest to design their 130m2 booth for Comic Con Finland, showcasing the movies Furiosa - A Mad Max Saga & Joker. This is the first time that Finland is hosting the event. The goal was to create an engaging and immersive experience for visitors in line with the style of the movie and create hype with their fans and ideal target audience.

Comic Con is Nordic's biggest popular culture event and a fan convention with a primary focus on comic books and comic book culture. Event gathers fans together to meet with creators, experts, actors, cosplayers and each other, and also take part in activities inspired by TV & film and gaming industry.

The Solution

WaveCrest developed a comprehensive booth layout featuring several key elements:

  • Themed Booth Layout: Utilizing the client's movie graphic layouts, WaveCrest crafted visually striking and unified spaces highlighting the movies Furiosa and Joker. 
  • Makeup Station: A professional makeup station where visitors could receive Furiosa movie-themed makeup from a professional makeup artist. This feature was popular among Comic Con visitors with many attendees showcasing their themed makeovers throughout the event.
  • Interactive Spin-the-Wheel: To increase visitor engagement, WaveCrest designed a Furiosa inspired wheel of fortune activation; offering a selection of Furiosa themed prizes. This element attracted a continuous stream of participants adding up to the overall booth experience.
  • Photo Opportunities: To the biggest wall of the booth WaveCrest designed a Furiosa photo experience where attendees could take pictures, creating memorable moments to share via social media. The Joker wall included a working staircase and there was also a prison visitor booth where you could Jokerify yourself using lipstick on the glass divider were particularly popular highlights and frequently found in social feeds from the visitors, journalists and influencers.
  • Promoter Team: A dedicated team of on-site promoters managed the activities and engaged with visitors, ensuring smooth operations and a dynamic atmosphere. 

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The Result

Client was highly satisfied with the booth's overall design and functionality. They noted the high level of visitor engagement and the effective use of space and activities to highlight their chosen movies.  Warner Bros. was so pleased with the results that they incorporated several of the booth's elements into the Furiosa VIP screening event. Furiosa -  A Mad Max Saga is on general release in cinemas on 24th May 2024.

WaveCrest’s design for the Warner Bros. Comic Con booth successfully created an engaging and interactive experience that delighted both the client and the Comic Con visitors. Professional makeup station, interactive activities and photo opportunities all contributed to a memorable and effective promotional space for Furiosa - A Mad Max Saga & Joker. 


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