Beach, Please! Innovative Brand Engagement for Pepsi Max

Beach, Please! Innovative Brand Engagement for Pepsi Max

Beach, Please! Festival is an annual music festival in Romania that attracts thousands of people.

In 2023, Pepsi wanted to create a unique and engaging experience for festival-goers, so they partnered with WaveCrest to create a branded activation area. 

The Challenge & Solution

The challenge was to create an activation area that would stand out from the crowd and attract people to the Pepsi brand.

WaveCrest proposed using the event kit, which included a photo booth, glow-in-the-dark tattoos, and a social media campaign.

Objectives & Key Results

Objectives included driving traffic to the Pepsi booth and increasing brand awareness for Pepsi.

The result? A perfectly executed relaxation space enhancing visitors' experience.

Our spirited approach consistently delivers meticulously crafted solutions, driving impactful results regardless of unexpected challenges or tight deadlines.

  • 15 000 impressions
  • 7 000 contact reach
  • 6 000 Pepsi Max tattoos
  • 50 prize winners
  • 1 500 + relaxed people

Services from WaveCrest

Centred on consumer insights, WaveCrest's portfolio encompasses event construction, brand activations, innovative social media strategies, and synergistic influencer collaborations.

  • Creative design and production
  • Event planning and logistics
  • Social media management
  • Influencer marketing