Virtual & hybdid events

Virtual and hybrid events are an excellent way to support marketing and sales, or lower the threshold to attend your event and reach more people.

The right partner for your event

With over 100 years of combined experience in the event industry, we live and breathe the digital world. We always build our production team according to the client's needs, using our own experts in marketing, web technology and graphic design. Where necessary, we draw on our extensive and reliable network to meet our clients' most demanding requirements.


10 years of virtual events

We have been organising virtual events since long before the virtual event boom caused by covid. Our first virtual events were streamed sports competitions and small webinars. Our esports enthusiasts have been watching and participating in the organisation of various tournaments for over 10 years. 


Help at every stage of event production

We've helped our clients with their event planning and helped to make their plans a reality. We've created the visual and sound environments for events and sourced the right equipment to deliver the event as planned. We have designed the dramaturgy of the events and written the scripts for the events. We have also collected and analysed the results of events for our clients.

When possible, we prefer to be involved from the beginning to the end of an event project, because then we can offer our expertise at every stage of the project.



If you want to take a peek into how events are designed, check out our event design guide book! 

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