Eveliina Tuores is a developer through and through

Eveliina Tuores is a developer through and through

Eveliina Tuores has enjoyed working with computers since she was a child and has made a career out of it. At WaveCrest, Eveliina develops websites and does system integrations, among other things.

Eveliina says she has had a long career for her age, because like many coders, her computer hobby turned into a career. Eveliina worked as a freelancer until one of her clients, a large marketing company, wanted her as a permanent employee. In those 11 years, Eveliina built automations, coded email marketing, built small apps, did system integrations and e-commerce, often on the Shopify platform integrated with the HubSpot website. She also became familiar with Drupal, Magento, WordPress and Campaign monitor, among others. 

"I'm more dev-oriented than systems consulting. I'm a developer at heart, always have been and always will be. I've also worked as a lead developer, but I want my work to include hands-on developing, too. I also like to be involved in the client interface, and work closely with design and sales. The best results come when everything works together."

In her first months at WaveCrest, Eveliina has developed websites for several clients, a new course system for one client and a system integration for another. As is typical for an international growth company, development is also continuous within the organisation. With Eveliina's help, WaveCrest's own website has received much needed attention.

At home at the computer

Eveliina has always worked for marketing agencies, and feels that she is able to shape her own job well. The work can overlap with marketing or, for example, sales or design. Eveliina feels that mastering the basics of all areas is useful at work, and so is general all-round knowledge. An interest in coding is particularly important.

"If you're thinking about whether you want to become a developer, I recommend that you just start doing it. There are a lot of courses on the Internet. Think of a service you would need, and just go to implement it, learn and do it. When you're doing it, you quickly notice whether it's worth it or not for you, if you are the kind of person who enjoys being at the computer. If you want excitement and enjoy a varied job description where you have to and can define working methods and processes yourself, development in the marketing industry could be the right place for you."

Experimental coding and crafts in free time

Eveliina also enjoys working with computers in her spare time. She creates all kinds of more or less experimental products, such as applications for various tasks.

"I'd rather make an app for something that is necessary for me than, say, organise things in a notebook. I also make all kinds of things that are more on the side of art. For example, basically useless data visualisations where data is turned into sound. I'm also interested in experimental and esoteric programming languages, they're a bit like poetry. I also like to play experimental computer games and I make small games myself just for the fun of it."

Living in Helsinki, Eveliina's digital work and hobbies are balanced to her by two small children and a craft hobby.

"I knit and sew outfits if a friend needs a costume for something. I also dye the threads myself."